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  1. Hello, I want to provide the biggest collection of World of Warcraft 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade Add-Ons for Netherwing Community. Every Add-On from this collection is downloading from original author post by direct downloading or from third websites and google drive cloud. Right now the best way to search for AddOns is to CTRL+F and check if it's available here. If not, please contact me. NEW: Icicle: GitHub (direct link) SellFish: Curseforge FeralKit (ported by Inf3sted): Google Drive TBC EPGP: GitHub (repository) ArenaCountDown (by Shaka): GitHub (direct) SmartyCat (for people using XPearl AddOn): WoWAce TBC- default AddOns: WoW Library A !AutoSave: Ira Dei ArenaPointer: Ira Dei ArkInventory: Ira Dei Afflicted: Ira Dei AG_UnitFrames: Ira Dei ArenaUnitFrames: Ira Dei / Google Drive AtlasLoot: Ira Dei Aloft: Google Drive / WoWAce (Beta) ArcHUD2: Ira Dei Ace1 - Ace 2 - Ace3: Google Drive Ace2: Ira Dei / Google Drive ArenaCalculator: Ira Dei Auctioneer: Curseforge / Google Drive AuctionMaster: Curseforge (Beta) AutoBar: Curseforge Aesa (Enemy CD Tracker): Curseforge (Beta) / Ira Dei Attack Bar Timer: Curseforge Aggro Notifier: Curseforge Altoholic: Curseforge (Beta) AssassinTimer: Curseforge (Beta) AutoQuest: Curseforge AlarArtRemover: Curseforge Arcanum: Curseforge (Fan Update) / Curseforge (Normal) ag_Buu (Buena Unit Frames): Curseforge AutoPoison: Curseforge AddonMan: Curseforge AdvancedTradeSkillWindow: Google Drive AckisRecipeList: Google Drive Auctionator: Google Drive Atlas Maps: Google Drive Atlas Loot: Google Drive / Google Drive (2.0.3 - Fan Update) AudlLangSyne: Google Drive ArenaLive (backport by Shaka): GitHun ActionBar Saver: Google Drive Automaton: WoWInterface ArenaCountDown (by Shaka): GitHub (direct) B BigBrother: Ira Dei Bartender3: Ira Dei Bartender4: Google Drive Bongos: Google Drive BigWigs Bossmods: Curseforge / Google Drive (not tested) BigWigs_CommonAuras: Curseforge BadBoy: Curseforge BasicChatMods: Curseforge (Beta) BasicMinimap: Curseforge (Beta) BindPad: Curseforge BasicComboPoints: Curseforge (Beta) BasicBuffs: Curseforge (Beta) Bejaweled: Curseforge / Ira Dei BagTips: Curseforge Bagsy: Curseforge Buffzilla: Curseforge (Beta) BuffWatcher: Curseforge Beauty: Curseforge (Beta) Bollo: Curseforge Battle Bar: Curseforge BossTactics: Google Drive BG Defender: Google Drive (not tested) Bagnon: Google Drive Bufallo: Google Drive (not tested) ButtonFacade: Mediafire Baud Manifest: Curseforge TBC EPGP: GitHub (repository) C CyCircled: Ira Dei ClearFont: Ira Dei / Google Drive (ClearFont 2.0) CooldownCount: Ira Dei / Google Drive Critology : Ira Dei Carbonite: Google Drive / Google Drive (v2) Cartographer : Google Drive / Ira Dei / Google Drive (v2) Capping : Ira Dei / Google Drive (not tested) CensusPlus: Curseforge Call of Elements: Curseforge ClassicIcons_Reborn: Curseforge (Beta) Cartographer Quests: Curseforge (Beta) Chat Timestamps: Curseforge CCWatcher: Curseforge (Beta) CDTimers3: Curseforge (Beta) CTRA Tank Assist: Curseforge Contemplate: Curseforge COLDCharacterItemsDatabase: Curseforge Chatr: Curseforge CharmKeys: Curseforge (Raid Target Marking) CasterWeaponSwapper: Curseforge CallToArmsLFG: Google Drive CrushChance: Google Drive (not tested) ControlArena: Google Drive (not tested) CT Mail: Google Drive Chatter: Google Drive Chinchilla Minimap: Google Drive (not tested) Clique: Google Drive CL_Fix (by gmadtehm4d): Mediafire CL_Fix (by Shaka): GitHub CL_Fix (by Shadowed): WoWInterface ClassTimer: WoWAce Cartographer QuestInfo: WoWAce D DeadlyBossMod: Ira Dei / Google Drive Dominos: Curseforge Doom_CooldownPulse: Curseforge DroodFocus: Curseforge DiamondThreatMeter: Curseforge / Ira Dei / Google Drive (not tested) DruidBar: Curseforge Distance3: Curseforge (Beta) DukeCry: Curseforge Decursive: Google Drive DrDamage: Google Drive DamageMeters: Google Drive (not tested) DrummerBoy: Google Drive (not tested) DamnDuelDecline: Google Drive Dailies Quest Tracker: Google Drive DoubleWide: WoWInterface E ErrorMonster: WowAce (Alpha, stable) EqCompare: Ira Dei / Google Drive EveryQuest: WowAce EPGP (DKP Reloaded): Curseforge EnergyWatch: Curseforge EpicMusicPlayer: Curseforge EngBags: Curseforge (Beta) / Curseforge (2.4.0) Endevour's Rage Bar: Curseforge (Beta) / Curseforge (2.4.0) ExtendedUnitFrames: Curseforge Earth Shield Tracker: Curseforge EasyCopy: Curseforge Enhanced Bloodlust: Curseforge eCastingBar: Curseforge / Ira Dei / Google Drive Enhanced Tooltip: Google Drive EavesDrop: WoWAce (2.4.0) / WoWAce (2.4.3 Beta) ElvUI (simplified by Nazzgull): GitHub + Open spoiler to see all ElvUI extensions by Nazzgull F FocusFrame: Ira Dei / Google Drive Fishing Buddy: Curseforge / Google Drive (not tested) FriendsFacts NSC: Curseforge FearWatch: Curseforge Fast Mark: Curseforge FDWatch: Curseforge FloatingFrames: Curseforge FuBar: Google Drive FeralKit (ported by Inf3sted): Google Drive G GotWood: Ira Dei Gatherer: Curseforge (2.4.2, stable/working) / Ira Dei / Google Drive Grid : Ira Dei / Google Drive GroupCalendar : Ira Dei / Google Drive (not tested) Gladdy: Ira Dei / Google Drive (not tested) Gryphonheart Items : Curseforge (Beta) GuildEventManager: Curseforge GuildCheck: Curseforge Guild2Guild: Curseforge / Google Drive (not tested) GrindLoot: Curseforge GuildCraft: Curseforge GuildMap2: Curseforge GemFinder: Curseforge Group O Matic: Curseforge GoGoMount: Curseforge GemHelper: Google Drive gHUD: Curseforge GatherMate: WoWAce GatherMate_Data: WoWAce H HeroStatus: Curseforge Healbot: Curseforge / Google Drive HealAssign : Curseforg Healer Buttons 3: Curseforge (Beta) Haggler: Curseforge HelpMeKeybind: Curseforge HeadCount: Google Drive (not tested) Hunters Helper - Feed O Matic: Google Drive Hits Mode Combat Log: Google Drive I !ImprovedErrorFrame: Ira Dei InteruptBar: Ira Dei / Google Drive ItemRack: Curseforge / Ira Dei / Google Drive (not tested) Intel: Curseforge Innervator: Curseforge ItemID: Curseforge ImprovedCamera: Google Drive Icicle: GitHub (direct link) J JPack: Curseforge (Beta) Juked: Google Drive K Kharthus's Hunter Timers: Curseforge KLHThreatMeter: Curseforge (Beta) / Google Drive Karni's Crap Filter : Curseforge L LittleWigs (Dungeons): Curseforge LoseControl: GitHub LibAboutPanel: Curseforge Loot Filter: Curseforge Lifebloomer: Curseforge Learning Aid: Curseforge Luggage: Curseforge LBXZero's Condensed SpellBook: Curseforge LocInfo: Curseforge (Beta) Lightheaded: Google Drive LazyPigTBC (by Flierr): GitHub LootDB (by In1sT) : GitHub M MobMap: Ira Dei MilkScrollingBattleText: Curseforge / Ira Dei / Google Drive MonkeyQuest : Curseforge MonkeySpeed: Curseforge MonkeyBuddy: Curseforge MonkeyClock: Curseforge MoneyDisplay: Curseforge Max Stack Size: Curseforge (Stated as working) MailTips: Curseforge MMKO: Curseforge ManyItemTooltips: Curseforge Master of Subtlety: Curseforge Mangler: Curseforge MobInfo2: Google Drive MoveAnything: Google Drive (not tested) / WoWInterface MobHealth4 (updated by Shaka): Mediafire MobHealth3: WoWAce (Beta version) N NatureCombat: Ira Dei NeedToKnow: Curseforge nUI: Curseforge (Beta) Tongues: Curseforge NiceDamage (font): Curseforge Narkar Drums: Curseforge NazGuildRecruiter: Curseforge (Beta) O Omen: Ira Dei / Google Drive oGlow : Ira Dei / Google Drive OPie: Google Drive Ovale Spell Priority: Curseforge (Alpha) Obituary: Curseforge OzRaid: Curseforge (2.4.0, should be working) OmniCC: Google Drive Outfitter: Google Drive P Proximo: Ira Dei Poisoner: Ira Dei Power Auras: Curseforge / Google Drive Modified PowerAuras: GitHub (WeakAuras for TBC) PriestFriend : Curseforge PallyPower: Ira Dei / Google Drive PartyAbilityBars: Curseforge Perl Classic Unit Frames: Curseforge ProximoGrid: Curseforge (Beta) PanoShot: Curseforge (For screenshots lovers) Paranoia Enemy Player Alert: Curseforge Prat 2.0: Curseforge / Ira Dei (Prat 1.0) / Google Drive (Prat, untested) PvP Flag Broker: Curseforge PitBull Unit Frames: Google Drive Preform AV Enabler: Google Drive Postal: Google Drive PAWN: Google Drive + Open hidden content to see all basic PAWN class values. Q Quartz: Ira Dei / Google Drive QuestieTBC: GitHub Direct (*.zip) QuestHelper: Curseforge / Google Drive QSAlert: Curseforge Quest Reward: Google Drive R RatingBuster: Ira Dei / Google Drive Recount: WowAce / Ira Dei / Google Drive Recap: Curseforge (Beta) Rewatch: Curseforge RaidIconBar: Curseforge Rogue Focus Classic: Curseforge Recipe Book: Curseforge RepairBot: Curseforge RepeatableQuestHelper: Curseforge (Beta) RepBox: Curseforge RaidMobMarker: Curseforge (Beta) RaidTracker: Google Drive (not tested) S Skinner: Ira Dei SpellBinder: Ira Dei Squeenix: Ira Dei SexyMap: Ira Dei SpellAlerter: Ira Dei SpartanUI: Curseforge / Ira Dei SaySapped: Curseforge Shaman Friend: Curseforge SmartBuff: Curseforge SmartDebuff: Curseforge / Ira Dei Simple Threat Meter: Curseforge SpamMeNot: Curseforge SPAMFilter: Legacy Sheep Watch: Curseforge Skirm: Curseforge (Beta) SilenceCD: Curseforge ShardBroker: Curseforge (Beta) SolaceBuffDisplay: Curseforge ShadowMOD: Curseforge Silencer: Curseforge Sorren's Timer 3: Curseforge SoundAlerter: GoogleDrive StanceSets: Curseforge SWStats: Google Drive Stubby: Google Drive Scrolling Combat Text: Google Drive SellJunk: Google Drive SimulationCraft: Heroic Strike (TBC Edition - 2.4) Speedy Actions: WoWInterface ShadowedUnitFrames: GitHub Direct (by Aviana) SharedMedia: WoWAce (Beta) SellFish: Curseforge SmartyCat (for people using XPearl AddOn): WoWAce T TrinketMenu: Ira Dei Talented: Ira Dei TinyTip: Ira Dei TellMeWhen: Curseforge Transcriptor: Curseforge (Beta) TotemTimers: Curseforge Turn In: Curseforge TriviaBot: Curseforge Titan Skills: Curseforge TankHelper: Curseforge (Alpha) The Traveller's Reference: Curseforge TinyStats: Curseforge TuckUnitFrames: Curseforge TankadinTips: Curseforge TimerButtons: Curseforge Tipsy: Curseforge Tank Buddy: Curseforge Tankadin: Google Drive TitanPanel: Google Drive U UrbinRange: Curseforge W WarDrobe: Ira Dei WIM: Ira Dei / Google Drive (untested) Weakened Soul: Curseforge Where To Now: Curseforge Water Shield Monitor: Curseforge V VendorValues: Google Drive Y YACLDamageMeters: Google Drive (not tested) X XPExtended: Curseforge (Wasn't testing, stated as working by an author) XTelePortalBar: Curseforge XPerl Unit Frames: Google Drive XLoot: Google Drive Z ZHunterMod: Ira Dei ZygorGuide: Google Drive Zinks Defense Meter: Curseforge If you are in possesion of no longer obtainable Add-On, please contact me by private message on forum. You can help with building the biggestcollection of 2.4.3 AddOns! PS. If this thread helped you, please rate it ?
  2. MANTEP! (Say Mana Tap in the dumbest way possible; that's how Mantep is pronounced.) Welcome! We are a newly formed guild looking for players to level and chat with! We don't plan on doing much in the future with end game, rather we are just enjoying the game! We might do end game raiding when we get to that point, until then... MANTEP! The guild name Mantep was created when the founding members of the guild played as Blood Elves and used the spell Mana Tap. They started to say it in a goofy way, and just like that Mantep was born! Right now, the God of Mantep is Gregheffley! Along side him are his faithful Guardians Purplemamba and Khelben! Join our ranks and have fun with us! We accept anyone of any level of any experience. If you are looking for a chill guild, this is for you! MANTEP! Send Gregheffley an in-game letter with your toon name and you shall join us!
  3. Dear staff of the Atlantiss realm, It might seem a bit out of place, but I just wanted to voice my absolute amazement at the wonderful execution of your realm. Everything I have seen, from random scripted encounters, to mobs walking around, to the wonderful Tethis questline in Dustwallow March, everything has been scripted and presented so absolutely wonderful. I keep finding myself amazed by how much love and dedication has been poured into this project. I've played on a lot of private servers and can honestly say this is the realm I truly feel at home at. Also the support system is nothing short of perfect. I've gotten a response from a GM each and everytime I've submitted a ticket and have been helped within a minute sometimes. That's about it, I just wanted to let you know how many people appreciate and love this project you have created. Keep doing what you're doing and I hope you have as much fun running the realm as I have playing on it! Regards, Ardena
  4. My goal is to create an NA guild on Netherwing when it opens officially. The main goal of creating this guild is to clear all of the end game raids. Hopefully we can be a semi - hardcore raiding guild with a bit of pvp (if enough population exists on the server NA times) Looking for somewhat experienced TBC raiders, but willing to teach and mentor those wanting to be better at TBC. Unsure of a guild name and trying to include all those interested in joining a say in our name. Currently only a few of us at the moment are looking to move to this server at this time so there is room for officers and class leads. Raiding times tbd based on peoples availability. Gathering information on how everything will be organized with class applications and such, but you are more than welcome to join our previous guild discord. Upon getting good feedback and enough applicants we would be creating a much more private discord associated with THIS guild. The few officers moving to this server are very experienced with TBC and a majority of end game (Sunwell is a little less known among officers, but up into T6 we are very knowledgeable PRE NERF). Raid attendance is very important within this expansion and many of the guilds I have leaded or was an officer in failed due to poor attendance. Looking for serious players that can dedicate enough time to properly enjoy this expansion. If interested feel free to join the discord and introduce yourself. https://discord.gg/HsEUvGU When entering the discord server please write us a little biography about yourself in and certain classes you are looking to play as, as well as prior World of Warcraft experience, and something about yourself that makes you, well, YOU. The tab you should be writing this in is titled "Netherwing-Information" ie: Junglejoosed Experienced Healer with Priest and Shaman Experienced Warlock and Warrior DPS Experienced Warrior Tank Prior experience includes: TBC through T6 Retail I still do weekly and daily world quests with a bit of mythic Vanilla Questing to 60 but sadly only did a little bit of raiding I really enjoy Music, art, and photography. I am currently doing my best i can as a father. Projected Raid Composition Warrior Tank : Open Prot Paladin: Open Bear Tank: Filled Holy Priest: (2 spots open) Holy Paladin: Open Resto Druid: Filled Resto Shaman: (2 Spots open) Hunter: (3 spots open) Destro Warlock: (2 spots open, 1 taken) Mage: (3 spots open) Shaman: (1 enhance) Elemental Spot filled Rogue: Open Warrior: (Fury spot open) Boomkin Druid: Filled Shadow Priest: Open Affliction Warlock: Open
  5. Guild Canclled Mod please close ty!