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  1. We are completely chock full at this point, hit me up a tad later when things have settled a little bit, and best of luck to you when the server drops! Absolutely, our meeting was completely top notch, everything about it went perfectly well.
  2. OP please name your character "Siphonic." Love, The entire server.
  3. I just edited the roster once again, probably for the last time before launch, as we now have a fleshed out roster. That being said, please continue to apply!
  4. I'm also interested in a forum name change for some odd reason.
  5. Happy New Years everyone from all of us at Bethesda Studios
  6. Happy New Years!!! May all your New Years resolutions be not-stupid!
  7. Still needing RDruids and/or RShamans, as well as strong players of all classes/specs. Hit us up!
  8. Edited again to reflect our need for Resto Shamans and Resto Druids!