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  1. These are not the rules, and you know it, liar. If they were the rules you would have shown source for it in your post. And if they were the rules there would be cause to call mental illness of severe character with the ppl responsible for making the rules, but there isnt, because it isnt the rules.
  2. Why is it that there is no feedback given on this ?
  3. http://www.dervesp.narod.ru/Bear_High_Mitigation/Wrist.html Someone knows about a gear list for Holy Priests similar to the Feral one i linked ? A list that not only ranks the gears best to worst, but also weighs them so you see how MUCH better f.ex. gear number two is than gear number three on the list.
  4. [Whisper] [Etherious]: Hello again, there was no impersonation going on, what you were doing is a clear violation of the server rules. [You] [Etherious]: how ? [You] [Etherious]: I am in a GRP and THEY kick me [Whisper] [Etherious]: You were refusing to leave the dungeon [Whisper] [Etherious]: Essentially keeping them hostage [You] [Etherious]: i hadnt done anything over the line like racial talk or similar stuff, or worse [You] [Etherious]: in that situation I have the RIGHT to remain in that instance Hetager has gone offline. [Ophealz] has come online. Player not found. [Hetager] has come online. [You] [Etherious]: what they told u that u havent checked out ? [You] [Etherious]: or didnt check out ? [You] [Etherious]: and was it u that teleported me out of instacne ? [Whisper] [Etherious]: Yes, I teleported you out [You] [Etherious]: u have no right [Whisper] [Etherious]: You're griefing [You] [Etherious]: griefing doesnt even carry into this [You] [Etherious]: what they told u ? [Whisper] [Etherious]: The group leader wanted to replace you, and you stayed inside the dungeon so they couldn't get a new player inside [You] [Etherious]: its his power to kick me, not his right, but his power [Whisper] [Etherious]: He can't physically remove you from the instance [You] [Etherious]: if he does that then he is on the mercy of me leaving instance or not [10:59 PM] [You] [Etherious]: if this is the rutine then party leaders can kick and get in friends who wants gears without doing whole instacne and thus effectivize and sae time [You] [Etherious]: save time... [Whisper] [Etherious]: I'm not here to discuss the rules with you, I don't make the rules [Whisper] [Etherious]: You were preventing them from continuing, that is not allowed [You] [Etherious]: what u are saying is that it is legal to kick without reason, and not legal to stay when kicked without reason [You] [Etherious]: they were preventing ME from continuing [You] [Etherious]: they/ you as gm [Whisper] [Etherious]: Removing someone from the group is up to the group leader [You] [Etherious]: I was the group leader for 80 percent of thqat instacne [You] [Etherious]: not htat it matters I talked to that GM briefly before the text that I glued in here, in that conversation he approached for the first time saying I did a violation and that future violations will result in repercussions (cant precisely remember the words). Thing about htis whole thing is that there wasnt any anger or bad talk between us in the group that did MgT-HC this day. It was just after a wipe that the grp-leader told me that "it was over" "doesnt work" and then he removed me from group and HS-ed to Shatt. But he kept the group of 4 and got a new tank. So he was obviously lying to me. And then the GM entered the situation, he ported me out of instance and started talking to me 2 mts later (I had a DC when trying to re-enter the instance, thus it took 2 mts before GM whispered me). I belived this was a impersonation, at least a chance it was, Ive seen ppl using fancy-blizz-icons before). Then in the end I made a ticket and got response to verify that this was not an impersonation, and the discussion as glued in here started.
  5. They should identify the accusations further than this, this is just politician speak.
  6. Im having the same situation as described.
  7. There is also this bug that when u try to whisper ppl u have never played with before they "ignore you", and it isnt because they have put you on ignore =/.
  8. Noone knows what I am talking about ? Should I report this in-game ?
  9. Someone must surely know something about this, even if the answer is that one cannot do it in a different way !....?
  10. I cannot stress how important this is. At lvl 70 now i using way more time to gear up since I lacked a lot of normal mode dungeons and all the ideas of rep connections to various instances. The game is designed to hint and "lead" players, I lacked and still lack (some) essential parts of that !
  11. Dont click around, push tab key is much more effective. As for Threat-addon then Omen is the one for you. From this huge list of addons;
  12. /run SetCVar("gxWindow", 1 - GetCVar("gxWindow")); RestartGx(); This macro bugs for me sometimes. And when it bugs two smaller error windows pop up(one is for reporting), and I have to restart whole wow-netherwing. Any ideas for a better macro that does the same ?