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  1. Is there any chance to see BG mark exchange vendor? Population low as it is,i strongly doubt people are willing to invest 6 months just gearing up for pvp,in order to be able to progress arena. Maybe some are,but not me,that's for sure,and i can bet i am not the only one. Blizzlike servers don't exist,and trying to be blizzlike as much as possible,it simply doesn't work. Blizzlike rates ok,but trying to farm 200 specific bg marks is really unthinkable,because like i said population is low,and sometimes i am stuck in bg queues for hours. Yesterday i haven't even got EOTS queue during 5 hours i spent questing and farming reputations.
  2. How log does it take to obtain full honor gear? Every time i use /who option,there's almost never any bg going on. Mid day,ab,eots and wsg empty for hours. I see people only doing AV. Im really re-thinking about continuing to play here because i am pvp player,and i really don't want to spend one year gearing myself. Why there's no cross faction or bg exchange mark vendor?
  3. I understand something having a low drop chance,but 87 kills for Pristine Tigress Fang is little bit over the top. Instead of motivating people to play on your server,you really do totally opposite thing,and mess up quest item drop rates so much,it makes one wonder why even bother playing here.
  4. Thanks to Likecottage,he sent me level 5 wand and level 13 wand ?
  5. Hello all.I just started playing Priest here on horde side. Can someone please send me a low lvl wand?I really need one but cant get it myself My ingame name is Werdx Thank you in advance./