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  1. I have checked your latest bug reports and to be honest you are crying about something thats completly your own fault. Your reports either were closed because they are related to another already existent bug report and were referenced towards it or they were just incorrect. If you want your bugs to be looked at proof them with sources. Just stating „should work“ is not a proof that it should be like you want it to be. Plus some of your bugs arent server sided but addon related or either a personal fault. E.g. „clinking“ in chat is a chat-addon issue that can be fixed by yourself by setting up your chat addon. Or a not shown flight-path is prolly the issue that you miss the connecting flight path between those 2. Make researches if its really a server sided bug and report it with proof before you start to complain about reports beeing closed.
  2. Correct me if im wrong, but with a weapon speed of 3.00 this would result in 3.75 rage gained for a missed or parried attack. Damage dealt would be 0 in this case. (0 / 274,7 * 7,5 + 3 * 2.5) / 2 = 3,75 But my math skills suck :/