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  1. Yep, happens quite a bit on weekends. The other BGs end up with lopsided victories as a random number of players drop fairly regularly. I think it's a great idea to remove players from other BG queues once they accept a BG. Could the mods consider moving this thread to "Suggestions"? I think this would be a win-win.
  2. To answer my own question so I know next time, the resources were reset/reduced sometime overnight NA time, probably exactly at midnight, 1/18, EU time. A "point flush", probably refers to the weekly arena points awarded on Mondays.
  3. [/quote]The upcoming Arena Season 4 will start on the 18th of January, 2020. (Monday the 20th is the first arena point flush of Season 4) All resources listed above will be reset/reduced at the start of Arena Season 4![/unquote] I don't understand what "point flush" means. Resources are reset/reduced on Jan. 18th or Jan.20th?
  4. Hello, I haven't found anyone that knows a cure for the "Arena Queue: Team Joined" spam that we seem to get if we join an arena team. Apparently, it spams endlessly. Is there a way to stop this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Myself and another formed a raid to try to enter AQ Ruins and we got a message that there were no mobs to attack and could not enter. Has anyone managed to enter? Did we do something wrong? Could it be bugged? Just no idea here.
  6. I think this quest is bugged. Attempted it twice and got the same result. When Ranshalla asks to light the altar, I cannot light it. Used the same method as lighting the torches in the pre-emptive steps. "Wheel" icon appears, altar highlights, but clicking does nothing.
  7. Myself and a couple of random players in game have attempted to kill dark iron dwarves in a few locations in the Wetlands in an attempt to get this named warlock to spawn and we can't seem to make it happen. Is it possible this quest is bugged? Edit: Agreed, he must've been somewhere already spawned. I looked last night and found him.