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  1. Syseru

    EN Only Clients

    Plenty of addons exist which replace the normal game fonts with their own packaged fonts. The ElvUI backport is a popular example which will display Cyrillic characters with their bundled fonts. To test this, you'd want to disable any addons and have someone purposefully send you a message with Cyrillic text.
  2. Syseru

    Download patch

    It is worth noting that some users have had trouble connecting to other TBC private servers with the native client. I do not know if it will work on Netherwing or not, but this is something that is decided server-side on whether to accept connections from it or not. If it doesn't work, you'll need to either have @Wolfenstein look into getting it working, or you'll want to run the Windows binary with a WINE wrapper. Wineskin or PlayOnMac can help in this regard. CrossOver is another option, but a paid one.
  3. Syseru

    Download patch

    You can download the Windows client and then use one of the following binaries in conjunction with it. Simply extract the zip archive contents to the same directory in which you have placed the Windows install. It should be noted that the upcoming Mojave release (10.14) arriving on the 24th of September will be the last released to support 32bit applications, so you'll have about another year of being able to utilize the native client on a current macOS install. If you upgrade to 10.15, then this will likely no longer run unless they extend support once more (they already have once), though I see that as unlikely. It was originally distributed as a Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel, but I've supplied an Intel only copy in case anyone has issues related to that (using TrimTheFat to remove the PowerPC portion). It is possible that you may have difficulty launching the app how you normally would. If this is the case with you, a workaround is as follows. Files: World of Warcraft.app.zip World of Warcraft-IntelOnly.app.zip