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  1. depend of the raid,but i don't see the problem to have x1 ele in every caster group.Same with the resto.
  2. Simple say...everything but mele (dps) is fine.Its not impossible to be mele dps,but u gonna have hard times and gonna need a good guild to carry u till geared. (PVE wise) If u wanna have always a slot...go shaman.Simple as that
  3. Hey,since i'm not a GM anymore think u gonna be fine (PVP wise...and a joke). Aside that, the suggestions are nice, but u want to change the mentality of ppl who same things for over 10y. Looking for group is/will be kinda useless since the big pop. trade channel is great....but if u gonna force ppl to use it u wont be able to catch up with anything.None use/gonna use Guild Channel...there is discord for that. Cya on Fresh.
  4. Click on ''Change Realm'' and Pick ''NetherwingPVP''
  5. Check the realm list.You may missclick on PTR.
  6. Hello there,we need a bug report here https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues If anyone need the quest by that time just make a ingame ticket and GM will help.
  7. The right place for ban appeal
  8. Hello there,can u try with ping play.atlantiss.eu?
  9. Hello there,that data is not available anymore.Have a good one.
  10. Hello there,we have nothing for him on our bugtracker here https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues U can make a ingame ticket so we can help u with solving the issue/can ask for support in our Discord too or can just message me your ingame name and hope we both match the online time.
  11. As far i know that must be some new bug.Gonna check it out.Thx a lot for the tip.In the future u can use our bugtracker to report a bug too. https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues
  12. Hello there,as far i know it work just fine.But feel free to join our Discord and ask around https://discordapp.com/invite/jT24fut
  13. This quest as other related to AQ are disabled.Once AQ is scripted and open for the players all of this quests will be back in the game.