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  1. 1. Fresh TBC (as a new server) - will kill Netherwing. (we know this coz same sh*t did sunwell with Angrathar, killing his 1st server) 2. Ppl on Nightwing are like: "There is NO way im startin over again from Norms > Hc > T4 > T5 > T6... eat my di*k" 3. There is already Wotlk server online, this expansion its Sunwell domain, so if somme1 wanna play Wotlk will go there anyway. 4. BTW Wotlk sux, Only TBC mater.
  2. When I and alot of my guild m8t came here, We asked GM Crew - about PTE, coz all of ppl from my guild we were looking for "2.4.3 TBC" no meter what... stable, never ending TBC.... and GM said to Us even when wotlk will be lunched it will be lunched as a new other server and TBC we are playing still be untuch. and now im reading (if im correct) that there will be fresh TBC as a new server, and wotlk on Netherwing - is that right?
  3. I know NW is Progresiv server, so my question is, when times will come, and you guys decide about moving from TBC to Wotlk you will let pllayers to choice where they wanna play? I mean wotlk will be new realm where players will be able to import their TBC characters, and let NW to be NEVER ENDING TBC? Or you just wanna evolve current realm to wotlk - so no more TBC, just wotlk. ... Its important for me, coz im looking for good, never ending TBC realm with 2.4.3.
  4. Correct me if Im wrong, but I know there is a command where you can switch from 2x to normal - so its up to you. Ask your self why are you plaing here, If you wanna feel typical real 1x TBC expireins, OK go for it, no1 is stoping you. But why you don't wanna let other ppl go for 2x ? Its not lvling "race" any more, a lot of ppl have 70s already.
  5. I guss you dont get what my point was, thats exacly what i was seing, "make new character on new acc" and just play. - thats all about. Play normaly with your main and alts.
  6. My friend was playing NE Rogue Sanyassa on Revanholdt RP retail server log time ago. I can give you phone number if you wanna call him... and BTW. his real name is Adam. Good luck with your love man :)
  7. ... so if i will do separately 10 alts in diferent account - where my brother with his 70 lvl character is helping me lvl up, its everyting ok, right?
  8. on retail ? lol ? ofc ppl were doing it on retail, but it cost a lot of more... and thats why it wasnt so popular coz you had to have 2 wow acount, so you had to buy 2x games sets, and pay 2x abonaments if you wanna do it. Blizzard in erly TBC even allow to use typical Multibox tool coz of this (more money in Blizz pocket). Multiboxing tool was forbiden when wotlk ICC comes... coz some players abuse it. But Blizz never ban players who have more then 1 acc, and who just use "ALT + TAB" or 2 diferent PC to play. Blizzard treated it as a independent players.
  9. Ok... so -> still dont uderstand where is the problem, why Administration don't alowing players to create alts in diferent accounts. Whats the reson of it? On old hellground (R.I.P. btw) almost every players have like atleast 3 alts on diferents acc. This is first time i see this kind of restriction in WoW server.
  10. True - but thats not the point. In Terms is almost same text: quote: "Multiboxing of any type – players are allowed to be logged in on only one account per person at a given time." Its about miss understanding what Multiboxing is. You guys (I mean GMs) are panishing ppl who have few accounts, and dont use multibox. - Having 2 characters online in diferent accounts, lunched in diferent PC (or windows) is not multiboxing, and you start "the rule saying Multiboxing of any type" so you direcly talkin about multiboxin.
  11. Hello, at first I would like to apoligize for my english. Will do my best. I have a request to GM/Administration Crew for explaining me 1 case. In FaQ we can read - quote: Yes! Multiboxing! And... Multiboxing by definition -> is a program... its direct tool to lunch many accounts and controle many characters in single point of time, as if they were one. Multiboxing tool example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6T4Hvgowjo all of this characters (paired in multibox) are acting as one character! in single point of time - and thats the point! and im totaly agree about forbidden this kind of tool, and ban this kind of players. But here in Netherwing first time in my WoW cariere i saw that GMs are baning players just for having more then 1 account. Where secend "alt" character is on simple /follow. What's the problem if im playing on 2 diferent PC's where i have to jump to other controlers (diferent mouse, and diferent kaybord, or just ALT+Tab), to do anything? Its same sytuation where for example I play with my friend/sister or whoever in same room. Character control is separated, no any kind of (hacking) tool is used = its NOT multiboxing.
  12. I dont see right spot on this forum to raport this kind of (bad) behavior, so im putin it on "General". Clemme - Tauren druid (30 lvl) typical bot - video in Astranaar. Tracked near 3PM in Astranaar. (Video is not public. So if you dont have direct link no1 will see it.)
  13. Typical way to lvl up a frost Mage is put 5/5 on Arcane Concentration, agro like like 5 or more melee hiting mobs, and just spam blizzard. When mobs are reaching you, use Frost Nova and blink, turnaround and again Blizzard > Blizzard > Blizzard > Blizzard. The problem is blizzard don't make activ [Arcane Concentration] Buff. I See this buff activated after bolts or other spells but not from AOEs... How it should work: like in talent description: 10% chance to activate after ANY DAMAGE spell hits a target. - i remeber while lvling in Ravenholdt (retail global wow server 2.4.3) I mostly finished every dungeon in this kind of spec with full mana, didnt have to drink water at all. Just buff usualy activeted even if you hit 1 mob with blizzard, 2 mobs in AOE area gives you lilke 100% chace to next free spell. How its works now on NW: I had like 726 direct hits from blizzard during Stockade, and buff wasnt acviated even once. Thats critical issue for lvling as a mage in my opinion.