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    Slow down

    Confirm, would rather see some more of Arathi instead of Warsong Gulch.
  2. Great answer @Wrdlbrmpft. Closing.
  3. @Rarbin Did u extract AddOns from *.zip file? Did you remove any "-master" from AddOn folder name in AddOns directory?
  4. tsu

    Pet movement issues

    Hi, @cukeeez worth reporting on our bugtracker too, here: https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues Sincerely.
  5. At the end of progression and upon release of next expansion (WotLK) your character will be copied to WotLK realm. If you don't like it, Netherwing TBC realm will stay online and you might stay and play there. We are thinking of ways to keep "PTE" going in the future and keep players who won't like to progress into further expansions play actively, "occupied". Sincerely.
  6. Strange, forwarded to Developers.
  7. @Macumbafeh Maybe reinstalling the game would help? I can try and upload World of Warcraft original installers with patch installers on Google Drive later today. Edit. I used those to install my game and it works smooth.
  8. But he has a point, making money as a low level player isn't that hard if you pick two gathering professions especially skinning.
  9. Yes, I encountered it myself recently. Thank you for your report, It has been reported several times already on our bugtracker If you spot any bugs in the game in the future, please report them on our GitHub bugtracker here: https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues Sincerely!
  10. Hi, @puffles11 In order to change settings for the first time, sometimes you have to do it via config file in WTF folder in WoW directory on your computer. Also using Windowed Fullscreen instead of Fullscreen mode should fix the problem with saving video settings. I posted my config file in a spoiler below:
  11. Never had issues with it, but I am gonna send you Blizzard AddOns from my WoW folder. Maybe it is gonna help you! :) Blizzard_AddOns.zip
  12. @griefdaddy I am not sure, this issue appears on retail Blizzard servers for me too.
  13. I am using ShadowedUF myself and I used Bartender4 from the list I made and both were working without any problems. PS. Also, I do not redownloaded these AddOns and put them on the different site. You either download it from Curseforge where authors posted them 11-12 years ago or from websites where already a lot of players downloaded them from.
  14. I have Zowie FK2 mouse which don't use any software, so I don't think it is the case for me. I got it partly solved by disabling NVIDIA overlay. It happens very rarely now but still occurs.
  15. I have the same problem. If anyone finds a solution for that, I would be greatful! PS. It is LMB and RMB for me.
  16. tsu


    @verner12 Checked, it isn't desynced. Check if you are putting your password correct when logging to the game and make sure to log in with account login and not display name. If u still can't access your account, I suggest you contacting us on [email protected]
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    Wait for the code to reset and then put it. We will check synchronization.